Hodgson Given England Managerial Position

Former Liverpool and Fulham boss named as Capello’s replacement

Roy Hodgson has been named as the new England manager, despite the majority of pundits anticipating that the position would go to Tottenham Hotspur manager, Harry Redknapp. The 64-year-old had been enjoying a successful season at West Bromwich Albion, but his contract was due to expire in the summer, prompting the FA to make their move.

Hodgson’s appointment has met a mixed reception, with many English supporters remembering his disastrous reign as Liverpool manager. However, the reason the FA made their decision is probably due to his vast international experience- something Harry Redknapp lacks. Hodgson has previously managed the Switzerland, Finland and UAE national teams. It is also important to remember that, whilst he couldn’t find success at Liverpool, he managed to lead Fulham to the 2010 Europa League final and has won eight league titles during his career. Hodgson’s defensive style of football will bring stability to England, but you can’t help but think Harry Redknapp would have given the team a much needed attacking spark.

Many people are disappointed in Hodgson’s appointment (me included), hoping instead for the likes of Redknapp or Guus Hiddink, but the decision has now been made and as an England supporter I, personally, will support Hodgson and look forward to the European Championships, where we will face France, Sweden and Ukraine. Is it me or is there a bit of Steve McClaren about Roy Hogson, though…



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