Guest Speaker Report: Joe Barnes

Journalism students at University College Falmouth were able to enjoy a talk from FHM editor Joe Barnes, who issued an important, if slightly disheartening message: “Today my team consists of 12 people on my team. Probably one of those people has to die for you to get a job basically.”

Whilst the overall message did not inspire confidence in the journalism industry, Barnes did go on to suggest that the person who found the answer to the problems would become a millionaire. He outlined the main reason for the current situation and blamed the fact that “no one expects to pay for anything” online.

However, if the students needed any inspiration then surely it was standing right in front of them. Barnes studied at University College Falmouth and graduated in 2003, before starting work at ‘Front’ magazine, where he later became editor. Recognised for steering the magazine away from its ‘lad mag’ reputation, FHM ‘came calling’, appointing him as editor and charging him with the enviable job of ‘turning around the tanker’.

Barnes did give the students some reassurances when he said: “The good news is I still believe that if you can write, are prepared to work hard and have the right attitude then you can get work.”

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