Guest Speaker Report: Nicholas Brett

Students at University College Falmouth were privileged to be able to listen to the BBC Managing Director of Magazines, Nicholas Brett, who informed them of the ‘four P’s’ for both a business plan and finding a job.

Brett began his lecture with a famous quote from the great author John Steinbeck, quoting: “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them. Then you end up with a dozen.” It was an intriguing manner in which to start a talk and set the tone for what was a fascinating lecture.

Brett said that the four P’s for a business plan were ‘purpose, people, process and product’, whilst the four P’s for finding a job were ‘passion, preparation, professionalism and persistence’. These eight P’s, as well as being easy to remember, are extremely valuable pieces of advice which everyone can take with them into almost any walk of life, be it a career in journalism, sport or even just working in a supermarket. Every student who left the talk was very gracious to have heard from a man with such vast knowledge and everyone took something home with them.


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