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Blackburn Official Sacked over Letter

Deputy CEO Paul Hunt wanted Kean out

Blackburn Rovers’ Deputy CEO has been fired after a leaked letter seen by the Sporting Intelligence website indicated he told the club’s owners he felt Kean should be dismissed as manager.

Blackburn were relegated from the Premier League on monday after a 1-0 loss to Wigan, effectively ending what has been a turbulent season for the club and 44-year-old manager Kean. Hunt’s letter, sent in December, expressed the opinion that Kean’s management of the club wasn’t working. Rovers fans have had little problem voicing their thoughts over Kean’s management of the side, with many of the Blackburn faithful unhappy, but Hunt, whilst having the club’s best interests at heart, has shown a severe lack of respect to the Blackburn manager by sending this letter behind his back.

Blackburn will complete their troubling Premier League campaign with their final game at Chelsea on Sunday.

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