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Guest Speaker Report: Sam Lynas

University College Falmouth welcomed back a former student when Sam Lynas returned to give a talk to students at Tremough Campus, which he focused around creating an online audience.

Lynas is currently freelancing at Munro & Forster, a healthcare specialist company, and suggested that the journalism students he was addressing should set aside an hour a day to blog. He believed that, thanks to improved technology, they had a great opportunity to build an online audience, whilst he also added that, of course, blogging is beneficial for all journalists as it is good practice.

Sam graduated from University College Falmouth in 2009, having gained a degree in journalism. Throughout his talk, he gave some important advice about how bloggers could increase the number of views they achieve. The most important points which he noted, however, were that the content of each post needed to be ‘interesting, original, consistent and affordable’.

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