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Guest Speaker Report: Suzie Smith

Suzie Smith, the Editor in Chief at Cornwall Living magazine, gave students at University College Falmouth one important message: Get work experience under your belt.

Smith delivered the message with the knowledge that she herself had plenty of experience in the media industry, having worked firstly at what she described as a ‘weekly freebie’ in Bristol, before writing for an evening paper in Swansea. She then moved into radio, becoming the editor of Pirate FM, one of Cornwall’s biggest radio stations. This year she won the best freelancer in Southwest award.

Smith, who has a degree in journalism and psychology, suggested that students get a letter off the editor of the publication at the end of their work experience as it could benefit them in the long-run. She stated: “At the end of work experience get that letter.”

She also told the Tremough Campus based students that she had two Facebook accounts, one for work and one for friends and family. This was to make sure her private life was kept separate from her professional life.

The City University graduate finished by encouraging students to “find something you’re passionate about and write about it.”

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